Purpose of Tobacco Free Kyoto  (NPO Kyoto Association for Tobacco Control)


"Kyoto Association for Tobacco Control" was established in 1998 to promote smoking cessation and conduct research on smoking cessation guidance. To enhance our activities, we became a non-profit organization in September 2005 . We have been working under the nickname "Tobacco Free Kyoto,” which means that we aim for a tobacco-free society.


We will promote the education of health, medical, and educational professionals who are in a position to encourage non-smoking and provide suggestions and advice to companies and government agencies regarding the development of a smoke-free environment. In addition, we would like to contribute to the maintenance of the health of society as a whole by conducting projects related to the dissemination and promotion of non-smoking to the general public.


We will support smokers who wish to quit smoking, provide anti-smoking education to prevent children from smoking, create smoke-free environments in public facilities, and provide various types of anti-smoking information.



We hope to reduce the number of people suffering from health problems caused by smoking.